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Well.... my intentions were there!

I really am trying to blog more. I have like 5 posts half written waiting to be finished. 

I don't have a ton of time, but I wanted to give a quick update. After my last post my husband and I went to Palm Springs for a week. He had to be there for a few days for business, so I tagged along and we made a trip out of it. We had a blast! I have a whole post dedicated to our trip, so look for that soon!

On January 29th my little brother was in a really bad accident. He had to be air lifted to a local hospital where he suffered a head trauma, a broken hip and arm. Both the hip and arm required surgery. I have spent most of my time juggling being at the hospital with him and caring for my kiddos while the hubby was out of town. Last Friday he was taken to a Neurorehab facility in the Houston area. We don't know how long he will be there, but we are all rallying around giving him our full support. (I won't be getting into too much detail here for the privacy of our family.) However, your prayers are certainly appreciated. 

There is so much going on and many new things happening and I can't wait to catch you up! I hope to be back soon, so bear with me. 


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