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All the Protein!!

A few weeks ago I ordered from Zaycon Fresh for the first time! I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was game after seeing the pricing. Those 40 lbs of chicken breast went into my cart and were paid for in less than 5 minutes! (My cost was $67.60 for 40 lbs of fresh chicken breast.)

3 weeks later.... and my pick up day was here!

Friday evening I headed to the pick up location, which is conveniently located less that 5 miles from my house. Winning!

Let me tell you, I am way impressed!

The pick up process was quick and easy. When we drove up we knew exactly where to go as everything was marked accordingly. The line was backed up about 5 cars, but moved really quickly.

Once it was our turn to pick up, the only thing I had to do was give the man tending us our name and he had us loaded and on our way in no time at all! One thing that totally impressed me was that before he loaded our 40 lbs of chicken breast, he pulled out this big piece of plastic he laid down in the back of my car to ensure no chicken juice leaked all over. To me, that's great customer service.

We took our chicken home and then I remembered this is fresh chicken and would need to be separated into smaller portions to freeze. Ugh! I don't love handling chicken, so I recruited my husband while I stood by for support. :)

The box came filled with four bags each weighing 10 lbs. I was in awe at how gigantic these chicken breast are! We separated 3 chicken breast into each baggy. That will be more than enough to feed our family of 4.

It always makes me happy to have a full freezer! Between the hubby's hunts and now Zaycon fresh, I won't have to buy meats for a while. I will be trying out some of their seafood though. You can't beat the prices there either!

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This is not a paid advertisement. These are my personal thoughts and experiences. 

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