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Mimosa's + DIY

Its soccer season again! O-man decided to play spring soccer again. Turns out he is on the same team from fall. He has had a total of 1 practice, which was last Thursday and was a complete clown show of 10 little boys acting like fools. I didn't see much practice happening on that field. Maybe they missed one another? Who knows. Boys don't really need an excuse to act cray! Saturday was their first game. It was nice to see them all come composed and ready to play. We left the soccer fields with a WIN! So far their ratio isn't too bad. 1 practice, 1 game, 1 win. Well take it!

After the soccer game we went for lunch at McAlister's Deli and then I had a hair appointment with my very talented little sister. I wasn't 100% sure what I wanted to do, but I had a few colors in mind. She just worked her magic and made all the colors work. I'm telling you if you live in BCS, you should give Brooke a call. (4.0 Cuts at the Domain on Northgate) Shameless plug. I know. 

She knows what she's doing. Believe me. I have always been supportive of her, but I was not letting her color my hair until she had that little white paper from the state and had a few great pics for her portfolio. I'm so picky about my hair and I only let the best touch it. Saying that, she has always managed to give me beautiful hair while still maintaining the healthiness of it. That's a big thing for me. I am completely in love with the dimension the colors gave my hair. 

After my hair appointment, I went home and hung out with the kiddos while the hubby worked in the yard. When he was finished he decided to bathe the dogs. They don't exactly love it, as you can see below. The kids helped out by brushing them first. 

We couldn't have asked for better weather this weekend. It was gorgeous!! Sunday was pretty too and while I had every intention of laying low all day, we ended up doing the exact opposite. We had breakfast at a Blackwater Draw Brewing Company located behind Northgate. We love going here and Sunday's are the only days they serve brunch. I wish they served it daily, because everything on the menu is delish. And you can't beat the $10.99 pitcher of Mimosa's! Winning!!

The chicken and waffles is so good! I'm going to work on making a healthier protein chicken and waffle recipe, unless someone out there already has one. In which case, you need to share that with me ASAP! TIA! 

After brunch we ran to Lowes because I have this great idea to repaint the house and I needed more grey samples to add to the wall. Which still, none are working out so far. Ugh! We also grabbed some spray paint because I've been dying to repaint this old bakers rack I bought of one of those Facebook sale pages for $20. It works great for outside, but it needed a face lift. So we spent our Sunday doing DIY projects around the house and running back and forth to Lowes and Sherwin Williams. 

I am so in love with how this old bakers rack turned out. Don't you love it? It has brought new life our back porch. Now to add some furniture and a pergola, but that's a whole other post. Haha! My poor husband wasn't prepared to do my little side projects this weekend, but we made it through them. He has to supervise; he thinks I'm dangerous with the power tools. ::side--eye::

He also thinks that Lowes should sell beer at the front of the store as an impulse buy. I'm not sure what he's getting at there. lol

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  1. your hair looks great!!! i love how the diy turned out too!


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