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Black Bean Hummus Stuffed Avocado

Sometimes I don't plan my meals very well and I'm left standing in front of the refrigerator, doors wide-open, hoping a ready to eat meal will jump out to me. Of course that never happens. Dang it. 

One day while standing in front of the fridge, letting all the cold air out and wasting electricity as my husband likes to complain about inform me, I had the best idea! Ding! Ding! Ding! Stuff an avocado with hummus! I mean that took some serious thinking to come up with. 

I had bought this amazing jalapeƱo black bean hummus with cilantro and I had an avocado that needed to be eaten, so why not put the two together! Genius right! Literally this is the easiest and quickest meal you can make. All you do is cut and pit half the avocado and throw a couple tablespoons of hummus in it. I topped mine with additional cilantro because I love it, but the possibilities are endless. You can just scour your fridge for whatever you have on hand, black olives, a little queso fresco on top, salsa or tomatoes. Anything really. I've even used left over taco meat to make it a bit heartier. 

But really this hummus is amazing! Even by itself on a spoon. I love that is has so much flavor with a slight bite to it at the end. It's also wonderful with a veggie spread, or pretzels. So go right now and grab you a tub or two. You won't regret it. They even have other flavors, which I haven't tried yet, but they all sound delicious! 

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