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Okay, so it shouldn't be a surprise to you that Google Reader is going away at the beginning of July 2013, this news has been running rampant all over the blog land! I am not really familiar with all the techie stuff that goes along with blogging. I have always used Google Reader and have never known anything different.

I am not keen on change. I like things the way I like them and I like to stick with that. Since sticking with Google Reader is not an option, I have done a little research on my own as well as asked and/or read from other blogger's about the best alternatives for a reader. 

I have decided to try out Feedly as well as Bloglovin. I don't really have an opinion on either of these as I just started using them, but from what I read both are highly recommended and you can't go wrong with either of them. I went with both just to be double safe! Ha! :)

So... if your using Bloglovin... you may want to follow my blog! I was even courteous enough to add a button on the left sidebar for you as well as at the bottom of this post! I'm awesome like that! ;) No excuses!

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