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Reese's Pushed Me Off the Wagon


Believe it. It's true.

I was forcefully pushed off the stinkin' weight loss wagon! And that is NOT okay! I was doing all awesome and the weight was falling off and now...

I'm not so awesome! :(

I have been sucked in by Reese's Easter candy. I shamefully admit that I ate as many as 16 Reese's peanut butter cups in one sitting on multiple occasions. Yeah...

So, I am trying to put my recent Reese's scandal behind me and move forward with what little dignity I have left. I have a goal to reach and with this set back, I am hoping I will be able to refocus and make my goal a reality. Its definitely going to take some hard work and dedication.

Despite falling off the wagon, I have to say progress HAS been made. I wasn't seeing it, so one of my BFF's told me to take pictures of myself again. Hesitantly and scared as to what I would see, I took the pictures.

I think this before and "in progress" picture speaks for its self.


  1. Despite the Reeses, whatever you are doing is working!! :) Cadbury eggs are my kryptonite. Thank goodness they are only around seasonally!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Natalie! I wish Reese's were only seasonal. I am trying to kick this weigh loss blues, but I have weaknesses and no self control. Its hard, but each day is a new one.


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