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Doctor Scale Victory!

I know how much I hate getting on that scale in the doctors office. It always lies! Last week when I went, I was dreading hopping on the scale. I just knew that despite my hardest effort to eat well and exercise, the doctor scale would show a weight gain, worst case scenario, or no change, best case scenario.

Reluctantly, I stepped on the scale praying for the best. Surprisingly, it showed a 3 pound weight loss! What!?! That NEVER happens! EVER! I mean, I always feel like the effort I put into eating right and exercising is useless, because it never shows on the stinking doctor scale!

I started my weight-loss journey in the beginning of January at 188 pounds. I have been eating a lot more healthier and exercising more days than not. I even started running, which I never thought was possible. I am a super slow runner and each time I try to run I feel like my lungs are on fire, but at least I am out there trying. Right?

My current weight is 175 pounds. That's a 13, THIRTEEN, pound weight-loss! I am super stoked about that number and am almost right at the half way mark to my goal of 28 pounds! I still have faith that I will make that goal. I have been feeling so good, lately. My energy level is up and I want to take better care of myself, like getting up and actually getting dressed everyday! It's amazing how good you feel after losing a few pounds.

It hasn't been easy, but sticking with it and not giving up has been the right attitude to have. There have been days that I failed at eating right or didn't exercise, but as I have said before, each day is a new day, start over and do the best you can.

Since I started this journey, I have become a HUGE breakfast person. I never used to eat breakfast and if I did it was a sugary bar or some other junk that didn't belong in my body. Now I eat a full meal of 2 eggs (1 whole & 1 white), turkey sausage, and fruit almost everyday. It is filling and gives me the fuel I need to get the day started. I have always been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I can now say that is definitely true! I try to stick to a 1200 calorie a day diet. On the days I eat a good breakfast I am usually under those calories, but if I skip, I end up over eating.

I post lots of pictures of my healthy meals (and some not so healthy ones) on Instagram. If your not a follower, you should be. :) I have made healthy recipes I pinned on Pinterest, some were favorites and some not. I will be sharing some of those soon, so check back.

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