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100 Days of School!!

Oscar has been home off and on all week sick with a stomach bug. Sunday he got sick and was home Monday and Tuesday. He had gone all day not being sick on Tuesday so Wednesday I sent him to school. He had a great day, but Thursday morning got sick again. I kept him home in case he was having a relapse, but thankfully his stomach was just uneasy. Most likely doing too much too soon.

Friday, Oscar went back to school. He was really excited about it being the 100th day of school and he wasn't going to miss it! They had been counting up to this day all year and had recently been doing 100 day projects in class. Making it through their first 100 days of school is a big accomplishment for them! They have made it more than halfway through the year and only have 78 more days of school until summer break! Yahoo!

The Kindergarten classes got to celebrate this special day with a 100 Day Parade on Friday afternoon that the parents were invited to attend. Each Kindergarten class lined up in front of the school and the parents lined the streets they would be walking. Even the 1st-4th graders came out to line the street and celebrate. They had some of the band members come from CSHS to lead their parade. Some of the "good" moms made 100 day signs and brought confetti to throw on the kids. Me? Well I was doing good to just show up. ;) I loved that they did this! It was different and a lot of fun, especially for the kids.

After the parade, school was over, the kids and I went to Spoons for some frozen yogurt to continue the celebration. I tried to be good, but they had Dulce De Leche froyo! I couldn't turn that down! Addy and Oscar love going for froyo, mainly because they get to pile on tons of toppings in their cups. I really don't know how they eat it with so many different topping that don't go together, but its to their liking so I let it be.

Yay for making it through 100 days of school!

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