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This month has been full of ups and downs. At the beginning of the month I started my weight loss journey to  lose 28 lbs by my 28th birthday, which is in April.

I won't lie, I have struggled this month... a lot. I struggled and still struggle with finding the energy to get up and exercise as well as reminding myself to eat the healthier things and stray from those sweet cravings. There were many times when I failed and cheated, but each day is a new day, so I started over and tried to do better that day. 

As I weighed in this morning, I was scared to death! I just knew the scale would show no or little change or even a possible higher number. Eek! To my surprise the number I saw was decent! Not the Biggest Loser shocker number I was looking for, but decent considering the number of times I fell off the wagon. :)

An 8 lb weight loss this month is a win for me! Hopefully next month I can match that number if not beat it. I  with jumping on the scale every morning expecting to see a 5-10 weight loss. I know that's not realistic, but I can't help myself. Sometimes, I'm like I ate healthy all day today that's at least a three pound weight loss! But reality is, it takes patience and perseverance. Two qualities I definitely lack, but I'm working on them.

What are some of your struggles? How do you overcome them?  I have multiple texting buddies and some great friends that help keep me motivated. I log everything I eat in My Fitness Pal and have multiple friends there that help keep me motivated. Having people rally behind you on your journey is a great way to help you through your struggles.

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