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Feeling the Blues

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The last few weeks I have had no energy at all! My mood is terrible. I don't feel like doing anything except for staying in my pj's, watching crap TV, all while scarfing down junk food. And that's basically all I have done. The laundry is piled up, the house is a disaster, dishes are piled up in the sink every night, and you can forget about even exercising!

I'm just in this funk and can't seem to shake it. As I'm watching TV and scarfing down junk, I can't help but feel like a fat cow, and for a minute that feeling gives me some energy... energy to get up and do something, which then leads me to the pantry for more junk food and then there I am... just all fat! You get what I'm saying?

Today I didn't even get out of my pajamas, and while I'm being honest its been three days since I last showered. For the last two days I have been saying I am going wake up early and shower before getting the kids up for school, but as soon as that alarm goes off my body becomes paralyzed and I go into temporary sleep-coma.

When I'm finally able to wake up an peel myself from the sheets, I'm in a horrible mood. Then I'm that crazy mean mom taking her kids to school in the same pajama's as yesterday. What is it? Maybe it's the cold weather or maybe it's just the fact that its Monday Tuesday, whatever it is, it's got to go!

Anyone else feeling like this lately? No? Just me. I'm the only loser mom out there that can't get it together! Geez!

Well I hope your Monday, oh wait its Tuesday, is going much better than mine!

Happy Day Peeps!


  1. No girl, you're NOT the only one feeling like this lately! I don't know what it is but the month of January has me in a serious funk too! I think I need some sunshine in my life!

    1. This week had been better. I still have zero motivation, but that is due to the beautiful weather we are having here! It's like a sneak peek of Spring! :)


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