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Weigh-In Wednesday


Two posts in one day! What a treat! I am linking up with Erin and Alex for Weigh-In Wednesday. I am a bit frustrated with my weight and the shape my body is currently in. I weigh as much as I did 9 months pregnant. That's pretty darn embarrassing! I am on a mission to lose 28 lbs by my 28th birthday, which is April 12. That's just 4 months away! I can do this! I have joined Mama Laughlin's Fit Camp group on Facebook. I love it and find all these women to be so encouraging! 

So here it is, my official Wednesday Weigh-In. I told you already how ridiculous this is. I am pretty ashamed of myself, but I know that in the coming weeks and months it WILL change. I have no choice. I am done feeling so tired and lazy all of the time. 

Yep, you read that right. My current weight is 188. I was 187 lbs 9 months pregnant. So now that I have shown you what a huge embarrassment this is, I plan to start shedding many of those pounds. I always joke and say that I need to lose a kindergartner. :) I just need to get down to at least the 160's by April. 

For the month of January Jason and I have made a decision to not eat out. I think this will help me to eat a lot healthier and be able to plan out our meals for each week. And grocery shopping should be a breeze. I'm kind of excited to not have to face all those terrible food options at restaurants and fast food joints. 

My biggest issue with losing weight is exercising. I am not always full of energy and ready to sweat like a pig. Those things don't appeal to me. I know they are crucial when losing weight and becoming healthy. I wish I enjoyed working out like so many women I know. I have set a personal goal to run, jog, walk, crawl 100 miles by the end of January. I think this is pretty reasonable and may help keep me motivated. 

I could always use more motivation, what are some things you do to help keep you motivated? 


  1. You can do this! I am on a no eating out in the month of january plan too. I started it for financial reasons (I have no clue how much I spend at restaurants, but I'm excited to see at the end of this month!) I'd like to drop around 20 lbs or so by april too! I was very fortuinate and received (or borrowed) a treadmill. Now I seriously have no excuse. My goal is 4 nights a week (mon - thurs) for 30 min on that thing.

    1. We did our no eating out for January for financial reason's also. We spend waaaayyy too much money eating out. By the end of January I should have no problem making good food choices. I should have formed a habit by then. Ha!

  2. Ummm, we share a birthday!!! I'd say that's extra reason to keep each other motivated... we deserve to celebrate our birthdays this year feeling extra sexy and confident!! Thanks so much for linking up... I'm looking forward to sharing in your journey!

    1. Awesome! Please help keep me motivated! I need it. I want to wear a bathing suit and feel good wearing it this summer. I also am hoping to achieve MILF status this year. I don't aim high at all! Ha!

  3. I like a big picture but to stay motivated for the week, I make gym/workout dates and reward myself with non-food stuff like new workout clothing in the beginning it was small like socks.


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