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Weekend Recap

We decided to just hang around the house this weekend since Jason was having to fly back out for Portland Sunday afternoon. He was home all week after flying in last Friday. We certainly enjoyed having him back home. :)

Saturday both kids had games, so we spent the first half of the day at the church fields. Oscar's game was bright and early at 8:30. A cold front blew in and it was super cold. Jason forgot our chairs at the house so we stood most of the time. It made it easier to find the warm spot in the sun. :) Oscar enjoyed playing even in the cold. 

Addy and I trying to stay warm!
After his game my mom met us with my nephew, Wyatt, so she could take my grandmother to a baby shower in Houston. She had him for the weekend so my sister and brother in law could attend a cook-off. I thought that Addy's game was at 12:30 that afternoon so we left the fields and ran to Target for a few things. 

Oscar found this hat in Target. 
Little did I know, I looked at the schedule wrong and Addy's game to cheer was at 10:30. Oops. She was a little upset and I felt terrible. Here lately I have been super scatter brained and forget things even when I write them in my calendar and put them in our Cozi app. Its a bit frustrating to say the least.

Since it was too cold outside to play, I let the kids play with shaving cream on the dining table. That lasted about half an hour, but what time they did play in it, they had a good time. The rest of the day was spent lounging around and hanging out.

Sunday we hung out as a family and went out to lunch then headed to the airport to drop Jason off. Then the kids and I hung out at the house for a while before heading to our church fall festival. We didn't get to do a lot because we got there a little late and it was packed. This is a free community event, so the lines pile up pretty quick. The kids still had a good time and got their cotton candy. Its the important things. Ha!

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