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Pumpkin Patch

Everyday on the way home from school we pass one of the local pumpkin patches and everyday the kids beg me to stop. It has been so packed with people and there really isn't any good photo ops or activities for the kids. Just pumpkins sitting on pallets. Kinda boring.

I had talked to a few moms that recommended we go to our local Farm Patch. We have been before and it was just a big room full of pumpkins, but this year they had a great area for the kids. Since Jason has been out of town a lot lately, we decided to take the kids out of school early Monday so we could go to the Pumpkin Patch. And we would miss the crowds of people. :) We shouldn't have told them what we were planning to do because they asked to go non-stop the entire weekend, every 5 minutes. Lesson learned! Loud and clear!

When we got to the Pumpkin Patch we were impressed with all the fun things they had for the kids. There was a little maze made from hay, multiple photo ops, and  a small petting zoo. Addy and Oscar loved it! We spent a couple of hours playing, taking pictures and picking out our pumpkins for carving. Addyson was a posing fool! She cracks us up! Oscar, well he has other things that are more important.

This is the best family picture we could get. :/

After our fun at the Pumpkin Patch we went to DQ for an ice cream cool down. It was much needed. It may be October, but that doesn't mean no more sweating like a pig here in Texas. :/ Maybe our weather will figure out that it is fall and we deserve cooler temps after enduring all the crazy heat from the summer. :)

It was a great day and I am so glad the kids were able to spend some time with their dad. He will be home for the week and then leaves out Sunday for Portland for another week. :(

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  1. Love all the photos! Tell them Grandma loves them!


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