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Last Halloween was chaos as well as this year. Jason was out of town and I wasn't sure that we would be going Trick or Treating. The kids had Fall parties at school and it was also a early release day. I spent the morning running errands and then picked up pizza for Oscar's class. I was late getting that there and then forgot to take pictures. After his class was finished with their party I ran down the hall to Addy's party. I was able to capture a couple of pictures. 

 At about 2:00 I decided to let the kids dress up and I would take them trick or treating. I think with Halloween being on a week night it cuts down the fun of it. I feel so much more rushed when its during the week. Even with early release from school. What about you?

My Pirate and Princess
We have been so busy that I hadn't bought them costumes. So I went to their dress up bin and told them to pick. Addyson decided she would be a princess and wear one of her recital outfits from last years recital. (Thank goodness, because that one time use thing was really bothering me.) And I was really excited when Addy asked to wear her wig. She looks totally different and I'm not sure I even like her with hair. Oscar picked out his pirate costume that we bought him this summer. I know. I kinda failed in the mom department this Halloween.

We put our basket of candy out on the porch and then headed out to begin trick-or-treating in the neighborhood. Even though we had another last minute Halloween, the kids still had fun and got way too much candy. Addy didn't last too long in her wig, we didn't make it half way down the block before she took it off.

When we got home we still had way too much candy. Apparently our street isn't big with the trick-or-treaters. :/

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