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A Week up North... My Week in Recap: Part 1

**Warning** This is a long post.

Okay, so I didn't leave the state, but I went a lot farther north than I usually do. Last week Jason had a class in Arlington, which is up by Dallas and I was able to join him. The Dallas area isn't usually a place we go that often, in fact I can count on both hands the amount of times in my life we have traveled up that way. (Yes, I am a native Texan. That says a lot about my sheltered life. Ha!)

My in-laws were gracious enough to come spend the week here with the kids. It was a nice break to get to sleep in and spend some time with my hubby since he has been traveling so much these last couple of months. We had a great week and I am ready for the next trip! As you read you will find that most of this post is centered around eating and drinking establishments. What can I say? We love to eat and we enjoy our drinks every now and then. :)

On our way up to Arlington we stopped in Waco at George's Restaurant and Bar. They are famous for their Big O margaritas and beer.Of course we couldn't pass up on that. We ordered their "Crazy Wings" as an appetizer and that may have been the best thing I have ever put in my mouth. They aren't chicken wings, they were pepper jack cheese wrapped with chicken that is then wrapped in bacon and fried. Yep! Not the healthiest thing I have ever put in my mouth, but definitely one of the tastiest! If your ever in the area you should check them out.

Enjoying my first "Big O" and crazy wings.

During the week, while Jason was in class I got to meet up with my sister-in-law and do some shopping. Tuesday we met and waked downtown Grapevine.It was nice going into all the shops and exploring their downtown area. While we were there the downtown district was getting all their Christmas decorations up. I was surprised how they all went crazy with their decor then I found out that Grapevine is the Christmas Capitol of Texas. I can't wait to go back and see all the decorations. I bet its beautiful at night all lit up.

That evening after Jason got out of class we went back into Grapevine to the Bass Pro Shop to browse a little. I am excited to go back in December with the kids to the Santa's Wonderland they were setting up for. It looks like a lot of fun. When we finished browsing there we headed to eat at a Mexican food restaurant, Rio Mambo, across from Jason's companies corporate office. He had been there once before and thought I would like it. I think it is the best Mexican food I have ever eaten! Seriously! And I have eaten A LOT of Mexican food in my lifetime!

Wednesday, I met up with Christi again, but we met at the Galleria Mall in Dallas. I love to shop, but I'm still just a small town gal. That mall was so huge it was quite overwhelming. We didn't go in half the stores, but the stores we made it into helped me start on my Christmas shopping. It was fun hanging out with my SIL though. We don't get to do that very often, so it was a nice change. After doing a bit of shopping we went to In and Out Burger. Everyone raves about it, so I really wanted to try it. It was pretty good.

It wasn't until after we left that I found out about the grilled onions
and extra crispy fries. Apparently that's how your suppose to order it.
 FYI if you ever go to visit. :)

That afternoon I had some time to kill before Jason got out of class so I drove around Arlington looking for some cupcakes. I am pretty picky when it comes to cupcakes. Places like Crave and Sprinkles doesn't do much for me. I always find that their cake is too dry for my liking. So after a couple of Google searches I found Kristen's Cupcakery. I bought a half dozen and I thought they were the perfect cupcake! I had no complaints. They were moist and the icing was perfect.

My allergies were acting up quite a bit while we were up there and Wednesday evening I was feeling pretty bad. I asked Jason is we could stay in and watch a movie. We ordered Chinese food and hung out in the room. The hotel had Twinings tea in the room, so I sent Jason for some honey and enjoyed a few cups of hot tea. My throat was feeling much better Thursday morning.

I may have a tad bit of an addiction to tea and honey now. 

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