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Wow! Where to begin.

I have a hard time with change. I like contentment. Here lately, our lives have been anything but.

Although so much is still up in the air, I can't help but tell the you how proud I am of my husband. He is quite humble when it comes to talking about his career. Jason has been a diesel technician for 14 years. He joined his current store 11 years ago. He has worked his way up from a basic technician to his current position as Assistant Service Manager.

There have been times when Jason questioned his career choice. Although he loves what he does, there was a fulfillment missing. One of the most talked about accomplishments in his career, that is still talked about today, is when he taught a class to a customer who was switching products to Jason's company. Jason went to their office and taught their technicians about the new product they just purchased. Jason was a natural at teaching.

Over the years, there has been small talk about Jason becoming a trainer. The cost and time away from home has always kept this idea as just talk. Until now...

Over the last couple of months, Jason spent many nights researching important information that would be addressed in meetings. The last few weeks, Jason has been in several meetings with the owners of his company pitching "why they need a Corporate Trainer". After a few meetings with one of the owners and one meeting with another, his idea was sold. This is huge! Right now there is so much "in the works" for this new position. We don't know exactly what to expect.

Last week Jason flew out to Portland, Oregon to begin classes to become a corporate trainer. He came home Saturday afternoon and will be flying back out to Portland for another few days of classes on Monday afternoon. His schedule will be pretty packed over the next few months, because his company gave the green light with an ASAP attitude.

The Friday before Jason left for Portland he had a meeting with one of the owners at the Corporate office. This meeting went really well, but also raised a few questions. One important question is the possibility of having to relocate. This is not great news for us, but we know they won't have us relocate unless it is necessary. Hopefully no big changes happen anytime soon.

The hardest part of all this right now is being a single mom. There are a couple of weeks this month and next that Jason will be home, but most of the time he will be gone training. This is a huge adjustment on our part, but we have technology on our side. We can video Skype or face-time in the evenings. That has helped a lot! This is such an amazing opportunity for Jason and his career and we are here to support him through it.


  1. Congrats to your hubby! You must be so incredibly proud of him! Hopefully everything works out and that his work load is only packed now with his training. Sorry to hear your a single momma for a little bit, but at least it's only temporary! :)


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