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It's Okay... I'm Alive!

Its Ok Thursdays

Its been a while, but I'm a busy busy mama these days. I am linking up with Neely and Amber today for IT'S OKAY THURSDAYS. Go check out all the fun blogs that are participating. 

It's Okay...

- To have sick child home on the second week of school. How did I not expect this so soon?!?!? Dear Virus, GO AWAY!

- That NO house work has gotten done this week due to sick child. 

- That the kids had school on Labor Day so mom and dad planned a date day! This never happens! It was awesome! 

- To be super excited about the Starbucks deal on Living Social but deeply disappointed you can only buy 1. One. Seriously people! 

- That once again I am blog back-logged. Is it just me or do you get completely overwhelmed by all the posts you have drafted, but unfinished? 

- To log everything I eat into My Fitness Pal, but nothing I am eating is healthy and I have been consistently over my calorie goal.

- To be stinkin' excited about football season and fall. Is it too early to start decorating? 

- It's definitely okay that the Dallas Cowboys pulled off a win last night. Now if they could show up the rest of the season...

- That next Friday is parent's night out at church and it can't get here fast enough. 

- That it has taken me over 4 hours to write this post because I am constantly being sidetracked. My brain is on overdrive and my body can't keep up! HELP. Please. 

What's OKAY with you today? 


  1. School on Labor Day seriously! Yup I'm behind on blogging too,

  2. I will admit that I was mad at first, but when I realized I would get some time with my husband, I did a little happy dance! :)


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