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New Blog Design

Did you notice the new blog design?

I am still working on it, but I am pretty happy with what I have done so far.

I have wanted a new blog design for a while, but I didn't really want to pay someone to do it. So I got to researching and googling and did this all by myself. I still don't understand a lot of the coding, but I am learning.

I also have wanted to change the name of my blog, but I can't come up with anything creative enough. I want something that sounds home-y, if that makes sense. I want people to come to our blog and feel like they are a part of our family and at home, as they would if they visited our home.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to leave a comment or email me.

Anyway, I hope you have had a wonderful week and enjoy this beautiful weekend that is upon us!


  1. It looks great! I really need to work on this, this weekend! I guess I should start googling!

  2. That makes total sense about your blog name. It took me forever to come up with mine! :-) Thank you for the prayers on my blog!


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