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All Talk? We'll See...

For years I have been saying things like, "I am going to lose weight" and "this is the year I'm going to be skinny". I am so tired of just talking and not doing anything. I have no problem eating healthy, its that I am not good at exercising regularly. I hate to exercise! I need tons of motivation or someone to literally make me get up and exercise.

So, I am going to post all my body stats in hopes that you (the blog world) will help motivate me. I am not sure what type of eating plan I will go with yet, but I really need to get up off my butt and work this fat off! I can will do this!

Current Stats: 

Weight- 184.8
Chest- 39"
Waist- 44"
Hips- 49"
Left Bicep- 18"
Right Bicep- 18"
Left Thigh- 28"
Right Thigh- 28"

I don't know how one thigh can be an inch bigger than the other, but it is. Trust me I measured and remeasured multiple times!

My Goal: 130 lbs & 1 inch per week

I will post my progress periodically. So check back often and leave me some encouraging comments! You can also follow my progress on the My Fitness Pal app. My user name is jessykagalow. :)

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  1. You can do it and you will look amazing! Although I think you look great now! BTW, your blog design looks great!!!


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