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It's Okay...

-That I am sad tonight is the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. Well, most shows really. Why can't they be year round?

-That my house is a mess and I have no motivation to clean it.

-That said house is a mess and I have family coming in for Addy's recital, Saturday. Hello family, welcome to my messy house!

-That I completely thought today was Wednesday and I am now in complete panic mode!

-That because of my forgetfulness, Addy has dance this afternoon which means I have to actually get dressed today. I just don't wanna!

-That I want to try "vlogging" but I am totally scared. Maybe its because of my strong country accent? Or that I hate the sound of my voice? I need courage!

-That we bought a carpet shampooer vac and that I am totally in love with it, but have no motivation to use it! (Jason did half of the living room last night and it works amazingly!)

-That this post in mainly about my laziness this week. Hey! Don't judge!

-That I am completely random with my posts, so if you read this blog, welcome to my crazy, all over the place, can't make a decision to save my life, life! :) (That being said in my most overly cheerful voice!)

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