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I am a little late with this link-up but didn't want to miss out. About a month ago I posted all my stats and weight HERE.

I will say that by watching what I eat and cutting out ALL carbonated drinks, I have surprised myself. I haven't had any motivation to exercise at all. And despite that my current weight is 177 lbs! YES! I didn't take the time to do my measurements.

That means in just one month, I have dropped 7.4 lbs. I owe my success this month to the rising Texas temperatures. I pretty much sweat all day everyday. Just loading and unloading my kids from the car when we leave the house causes me to sweat and pant as if I just ran a marathon. No lie.

Changing my eating habits have definitely helped. I drink water all day everyday and limit the amount of carbs I inhale. Snack foods include string cheese, and lots of fruit. When I take the kids to the pool,  I try to get in some water aerobics on my own. Well, my version of water aerobics anyway.

I'm now 47 lbs away from my goal! That's a crap load of poundage to lose! I would love for you to help keep me motivated! I try to log my meals and stuff on My Fitness Pal, but its hard and time consuming. You can follow me there by searching for my user name: jessykagalow OR you can motivate me by leaving comments or emails or texts. Whichever way you choose to help keep me motivated, it is greatly appreciated!  : )

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  1. That's awesome! I've stopped drinking pop, and drink SOBE Life Water instead. It's definitely helping! I also love fitness pal. I'll look ya up! Congrats girl.


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