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My Baby Boy is 5!


Where did the years go? My baby boy has quickly become a little boy. It's bittersweet. Soon summer will be over and our baby little boy will be Kindergarten bound. I am certainly not ready for that. 

This past weekend we celebrated Oscar's birthday with a Pirate swim party at our local pool. Friends and family joined us and we had a great time.

You are such an amazing little boy and make each and everyday with you a joy! It's hard to believe you are growing up. The last five years have flown by. (Even when the days seemed long.) You are rough and tumble, can always make us laugh with your comedian acts and despite how active you are, you are very much a homebody. We love you and look forward to watching you grow and learn even more through your first year of school. Love you, Mom and Dad

Thank you to everyone that was able to come out and celebrate with us. And to those that weren't able to be there we missed you!

Loves his new bike!

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