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Kindergarten Graduation

We did it! Addy made it through Kindergarten! She has had a wonderful year and we were so blessed with an amazing teacher. Mrs. Henry has been teaching for a long time and was even my sister, Lindsey's kindergarten teacher. Lindsey is 30 now. :) I hope that we are able to have her again next year for Oscar.

Addyosn's kindergarten graduation was precious. My mom and Jason's parents were able to attend too. We love that the grandparents are able to attend these little things. It means a lot to us and the kids. 

Ms. Henry's Kindergarten Class 2012

Getting her "diploma"

Kindergarten Graduate

Addy and Mrs. Henry

Addy and Grandma

Addy with Grandma and Grandpa

Whole family with out little graduate. 

Addy signed her 1st yearbook. How adorable!

I didn't buy a yearbook. I'm sure some moms think that is important, but I think its more important when she is older. 

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