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It's Okay...

-That I am way behind on blogging! I have at least 4 posts waiting to be finished and all I can get out are my "It's Okay Thursday" posts.

-To become the Queen of Back Blogging. There is never enough time for much these days. Except sleep, there is always time for sleep!

-It's okay that I call myself a "crazy person" multiple times a day and now my daughter has started referring to herself as a "crazy person". Is anyone really normal? I think not!

-That I just answered my own question above. Maybe I really am a "crazy person"!

-That my kids NEVER listen to me! I'm just not good at making them do things. Sometimes it's just easier to do it yourself than to have those meltdowns.

-To withhold information from your children and use it later to make them listen to you. (Yes I am one of those moms who bribe their children with anything so they will listen to me.) If your kids do as they are told all the time and always listen to you, you deserve a medal of honor!

-That on Tuesday I had a snow cone and the new Red Velvet Blue Bell ice cream within an hour. Must try the new red velvet! It is delish!

That everyday I tell myself "today you will eat good an exercise". Umm... I love to eat good food, just not the stuff that is healthy. Damn you calories; damn you!

-That last night I had a conversation with my sister about exercising with P90X and 5 minutes later decided it would be too hard and that I don't have enough life insurance coverage to start it. I hear it's brutal and will kill you!

At the end of the day, my world is still turning, so it's all okay! What's okay with you today?

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