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That Time My Husband Almost Banned Me From Target

I LOVE Target! I love everything about it; the great customer service, the good prices, all the cute home decor that makes me want to completely redecorate my house every time I go in there. It's my go to store for everything, mostly because I don't love Walmart. In fact, I will avoid going into one at all cost if possible! I have a laundry list of dislikes for that store.

However, today I had my husband stop at Target in Austin on our way home. I thought it was a good idea to grab a few things so I didn't have to go tonight when we got back to College Station. Our shopping trip was going great until we got to the check out counter. The cashier was very nice and as she started to scan all of our items she asked if we would need a bag. Uhh, I looked at Jason with that, why would she ask this dumb question look on my face, and told her yes. That is when she told us that each bag could cost us 10 cents. Obviously we weren't ready for this. 

And then, that is when I was pretty sure my husband was going to come unglued.  I quickly answered that we would only need one bag. I was shocked. This was a first for me and my conservative husband just happened to be with me. Now don't get me wrong, we could definitely afford a 10 cent bag. That was not the issue. 

The fact that a store where we were making a purchase at, that would be making a profit from said purchase, was telling us that because we did not bring our own reusable bag in, we would be required to purchase a bag from them for those items, just seemed completely outrageous to us. 

While we are conservative Texans, we still do out part to help the environment, as we can. We have 4 trash cans in our pantry that we use to recycle each week. I do own quite a few reusable bags, but the reality is, I'm a busy mom on the go constantly, and most of the time when I go to the grocery store I end up with plastics bags. I pretty much never remember to take my own bags. I'm just trying to get out of the store without ramming every person down the baking isle with my cart! 

My point? I'm getting there. 

Isn't it my choice of whether or not I use reusable bags? I'm pretty sure I don't need anyone telling me if I don't bring my own bag into their store I'm going to have to buy my own. Whose idea is this anyway?

We are in a time where we keep letting people push us into their ways. And for some reason it's just being accepted! Everyday we turn on the news, check facebook or twitter, to find more people pushing their beliefs and agenda down our throats. And heaven forbid you not agree, then you are labeled with nasty words that don't even begin to describe you. The more we allow others to force us into their way, beliefs or agendas, the worse this world is going to be for our children.

End rant.

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